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I’m Avery Putter, Senior Commodity Broker at Sweet Futures 1, LLC. Welcome to my profile!

Avery Putter's Bio:

Avery Putter began working in the commodities futures industry in September of 1993 shortly after his graduation from The High Croft School. Avery started out his career as a runner and phone clerk with Pappas Futures. At the time the exchange was known as Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa Exchange (CSCE) and New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE). The exchange was located at 4 World Trade Center in New York City. Avery worked with Pappas Futures from June 1993 to March of 1995. His job consisted of taking orders and bringing them to the designated pit for the order to be executed by a broker. Avery’s coverage included coffee, sugar, cocoa, cotton and orange juice futures and options markets. In April 1995 Avery was given the opportunity to be head phone clerk for Perrine Morley. Perrine Morley, also located on the trading floor specialized in execution of stock index futures on the NYFE exchange. Avery handled taking orders over the phone from customers daily. He also was responsible for allocation of trades and end of day reconciliation of trades for customers. Avery was a fast learner and his hard work and ability to deal with customers professionally was noticed. Avery left Perrine Morley in March 1995 to pursue other opportunities on the trading floor. Mr. Avery Putter began to excel at his chosen field of expertise. He began working as a phone clerk with DBL Commodities in March of 1995. In 1996 Avery Putter purchased a seat and became an equity member of the New York Cotton Exchange, he was also registered as a floor broker with the (NFA) National Futures Association in 1996. He was now promoted to head floor broker/trader in the cotton and orange juice futures division for DBL Commodities. Avery Putter continued in this capacity for over 5 years. In October 2001, Avery became the founder and president of his own commodity brokerage firm, executing on the floor of the exchange. Putter Trading Corp. was a full-service commodities floor brokerage firm specializing in cotton and orange juice futures and options. Avery employed 7 people and his business continued to thrive for the next 7 years. In 2007 the commodity futures markets were Avery Putter worked began the transition from the traditional form of execution (Open out Cry) to an electronic market place. The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) was in talks to purchase the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT). In late 2007, an agreement was reached, and the exchange was bought out. Exchange officials informed the floor trading community that the trading floor would remain open. One of the terms of the agreement between ICE and NYBOT was that the trading floor would remain open. ICE assured the members and floor traders that the markets could co-exist and trade side by side with their electronic platform. Unfortunately, that was not the case and in January of 2008 the markets went fully electronic and thousands of traders, Mr. Putter included, lost their livelihoods. Since the floor closed, Avery Putter had to evolve and find the right situation and firm to re-invent his business; from brokering on the floor to becoming a broker off the floor. Avery went to work for a firm that brokered Natural Gas Options (OTC) over the counter. He used that experience and decided to enter back into the agricultural space to broker options. Over the next couple of years Avery started a successful softs and agricultural division for MarexSpectron and then moved on to work with Gentile Commodities and then Bridgeton Group. Avery Putter kept evolving with new regulations and had to adapt to the new way execution was being done. Mr. Avery Putter was hired by Ian Sweet, the CEO of Sweet Futures 1, LLC, a mid to large size financial brokerage firm with locations throughout the United States. This company employs 15 full and part time employees. Mr. Sweet has known Mr. Putter for over 14 years. Avery had executed small orders for Mr. Sweet’s firm and he was impressed with his knowledge and expertise and, more importantly, by the level of service and attention that he received. Mr. Sweet expanded his brokerage firm to Greater New York City area and gave Mr. Putter the job of Senior Options Broker & Branch Office Manager. Avery is responsible for providing execution services for sophisticated clients who require advanced option executions. Avery adds value to his clients by offering liquidity, price discovery, reduced slippage and confidentiality in the markets he brokers. The risk of trading futures and options can be substantial. Trading foreign exchange carries a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. All information, publications, and reports, including this specific material, used and distributed by Sweet Futures 1, LLC shall be construed as a solicitation. Sweet Futures 1 does not distribute research reports, employ research analysts, or maintain a research department as defined in CFTC Regulation 1.71. This website contains information obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy is not guaranteed by Sweet Futures 1. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Avery Putter's Experience:

  • Senior Commodity Options Broker at Sweet Futures 1, LLC

    Senior Commodity Broker - Branch Office Manager at Sweet Futures Member ICE Futures US/NFA 1996 Softs and Agricultural Commodities Option Broker Softs Coverage includes: Sugar Options/Coffee Options/Cotton Options/Cocoa Options/Orange Juice Options Livestock Coverage Includes: Lean Hog Options/Live Cattle Options/Feeder Cattle Options

  • Senior Commodity Broker - Member ICE Futures US/NFA 1996 at Bridgeton Group

    Member ICE Futures US/NFA 1996 Managing Director and Senior Softs and Agricultural Options Broker at Bridgeton Group. Provided execution services in exotic option structures. Coverage included: Sugar Options/Coffee Options/Cotton Options/Cocoa Options/Orange Juice Options

  • Senior Options Broker- Member ICE Futures US at Marexspectron

    Member ICE Futures US/NFA 1996 Formed Spectron Softs and Agricultural Commodity Futures Inc. A full service commodity floor brokerage operation, specializing in execution of all soft commodity futures and options listed on ICE Futures US. Coverage included: Sugar Options/Coffee Options/Cotton Options/Cocoa Options/Orange Juice Options

  • President-Floor Broker-Member Firm at Putter Trading Corp.

    Founder and President of Putter Trading Corp. A full service commodities floor brokerage firm, specializing in Cotton, Sugar Options and Orange Juice Futures and Options. Member, floor broker and trader since 1996.

  • Floor Broker -Trader at DBL Commodities

    Equity Member New York Cotton Exchange/Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa Exchange Head Floor Broker & Trader/Cotton and Orange Juice Futures and Options

  • NYFE Index Futures at Perrini Morley Index Futures

    Phone Clerk | Arbitrage S&P, NYFE Composite Futures

  • CSCE - NYCE Exchange at Pappas Futures

    Runner | Phone Clerk: Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Cotton and Orange Juice Futures and Options Markets

Avery Putter's Education:

  • The High Croft School

    Activities: Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, and Golf Teams. Business Manager for Year Book,

Avery Putter's Interests & Activities:

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